Taking care of ourselves

Taking Care of Ourselves

Taking care of ourselves

Hello and happy new year!

You may still be on holiday reading this or, like me, already back at work. Whatever the case, I hope you had a lovely, refreshing festive break. I spent a lot of time out on the water - with the result that while I was relaxing, my brain started fizzing with great ideas, and I've come back with plenty of plans for the clinic in 2020, including new products and new treatments.

First up is a special offer for January and February - book any facial and receive a free lash tint. Bookings may be made through my website, or phone 07 544 0850.

Something that's going to give me great pleasure throughout the year is that if you book a facial during your birthday week, you will receive a special gift. Just my way of saying thanks to all my wonderful clients. And a big Happy Birthday to all the Capricorns and Aquarians among my readers.

Do take care with your skin this summer - not only do we have the sun to contend with, but the strong winds we've been having are so drying. And with the humidity so low we're not getting any extra hydration from the air. Our skin is our biggest organ, but the last to receive nutrients. Happily, Bestow has a special offer to help us out. Buy a 500ml bottle of Bestow Plus Beauty Oil ($45), which promotes beautiful skin from the inside out, and receive a handy 50ml travel-size bottle free.

My partner and I have done a 5-week Love Your Gut Programme and although that sounds like a lot it's so well designed that we both did it very easily. We lost weight (yay) without being hungry (double yay), felt better overall and my skin felt improved too. Now the girls at Bestow have come up with the 7-day Smoothie Challenge with five recipes, including the delicious Mango Tango Smoothie below, to help improve our overall wellbeing. Could be the right way to start the year ...

I look forward to seeing you soon. Much love,